Sand Soccer Fields

An emerging sport, beach soccer is taking the country by storm. Just like soccer on a grass field, beach soccer utilizes two goals and a soccer ball. However, the game itself is shorter, players are barefoot, and of course, it’s played on the sand! While the pace of a beach soccer game can be a bit slower due to the sand and shorter court size, the skills and physical fitness needed to play the sport are very similar. In fact, sand adds a new element of interest to the game, as it challenges endurance and promotes more acrobatic goals.

Because it’s still growing, many people still don’t even know about this exciting sport. That being said, our team at Sand Court Experts is highly trained in building sand courts for beach soccer and understand the specifications needed to meet FIFA standards. We build everything from temporary fields for the Hard Rock National Competitions to permanent courts in sports facilities.

Court Sizes and Sand Requirements

Field Size:

The typical dimensions of a beach soccer field range from 35m x 26m (114’6” x 85’3”) to 37m x 28m (121’3” x 91’6”).


The goal in beach soccer is to keep the game moving as fast as possible, but the sand must also not be too shallow or finely packed that it mimics grass soccer. A major component of beach soccer is that it requires teamwork and effort in ball control. Finely packed sand will make the ball roll too fast, while medium granules are the perfect size to add just enough difficulty and excitement.

SCE Pole Systems & Construction

Our pole systems and construction materials range depending on your custom needs. Our PVC plastic system is a great option for junior players and budget-conscious clients. On the other hand, we also offer sturdy aluminum pole systems that maximize strength and durability in the sand. Unique to SCE custom-built courts, we utilize pole systems that slide out of sleeves, and the sleeves can be set underneath the sand. This is ideal for sports complex facilities, as it gives them flexibility to accommodate all sand court sports.

Standard Beach Soccer Goal Size:

  • Height: 2.2 m (7’3”) from ground to crossbar
  • Width: 5.5 m (18’)