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BEACH VOLLEYBALL Court Construction  

As one of the fastest growing sports in the country, the need for custom sand volleyball courts is continuously growing. Beach volleyball is booming in popularity because it helps improve your physical agility and flexibility through regular playing. When customers tell us what they’re looking for in a beach volleyball court, we are able to bring it to fruition. At Sand Court Experts, we offer turnkey services with close attention to detail to build your custom sand court from start to finish.

Every member of our team has over 30 years of experience playing beach volleyball, allowing us to have a deep understanding of the game and requirements to build courts for everyone from the most junior to a professional level. We build courts suited for champions that everyone can easily enjoy.  Click here to view a few letters of recommendation from our previous clients.


We make the beach volleyball facility planning and design process pain free.   We listen to you, your project's requirements and provide you with a plan that fits your specifications, budget and timeline.   


We can even create a highly detailed 3D model of your facility so that you are able to visualize every detail including logos on the pads and poles.   This is a great tool for building excitement for the project, fundraising and getting everyone on the same page.


From concept to final product our team will be there to provide expert guidance and advice. 

Dos Pueblos High School Beach Volleyball Courts

Dos Pueblos High School Beach Volleyball Courts

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Construction & Materials Selection

Sand Court Experts know that there is a lot more to a beach volleyball court than sand.  It all starts with proper drainage design, base materials and sand containment.  We select the best performing materials based on the geographical location of the facility as well as the unique needs of each project.

Our goal when selecting sand for our beach volleyball courts is to mimic the medium-fine sand of Hermosa Beach, California. We will provide the ideal sized granules that are also rounded to be easier on players’ feet.

Our construction team has years of experience  building high performing and long lasting beach volleyball courts across the US.

Equipment & Project Delivery

We will outfit your beach volleyball courts with the best equipment in the industry, designed to withstand the harsh beach environments.

Our SCE Poles are ranked among the best in the industry, customizable, easy to use and made from the 1/4" thick aluminum for maximum durability.  Learn More

We have partnered with manufacturers of high quality volleyball pads, nets and hardware to ensure that your finished courts will not only look great, but also provide years of trouble free game play.

Beach Volleyball Court

and Net Specifications:

Beach volleyball has a smaller court than indoor volleyball.  Below are the regulations dimensions for a national doubles competition court:

  • Court dimensions are 52'6" x 26'3" (16m x 9m). 

  • There must be a minimum of 9'10" of free space around the outside border of the court.

  • Men's net height 7'11&5/8"

  • Women's net height 7'4&1/8"

Sand Court Experts can build your courts to meet these specifications or we can meet your own personal requirements.  We offer custom designs for single training to standard national requirements for beach volleyball courts.

SCE Beach Volleyball Court Installation locations

Here are a few of the facilities that the SCE team has constructed or outfitted with our equipment.  Stop by to see them in person.

  • Florida State University

  • St. Leo University

  • Florida Southern College

  • University of South California

  • University of North Florida

  • Stetson College

  • Montverde Academy

  • Lake Sumter State College


We have great relationships with some of the best players and coaches in the beach volleyball industry.  Click here to read a few letters of recommendation from some of our previous clients.


"Here at USC we demand a lot out of our players. Its important that we also have first class equipment. The SCE Pole system is the best in the market!"

 Anna Collier, USC Trojan Head Coach, 3 time NCAA Beach Volleyball National Champions

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