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Beach tennis is a growing sport across the globe, and our team at Sand Court Experts have taken note. While our roots are based in beach volleyball, we have gained over 30 years of experience in working with the top beach tennis federations in the United States.  Because of this, we understand the needs of beach tennis athletes and requirements for building the courts.

Adding beach tennis to your sports facility or backyard will keep you up to date with one of the fastest growing beach sports. Not only that, but beach tennis is an excellent way to stay in shape while having fun. Created with an unmatched standard of excellence, Sand Court Experts helps you get up and moving with a beach tennis court at your fingertips. Contact us to create the beach tennis sand court you’ve always wanted!

Beach Tennis Court

and Net Specifications:

Beach tennis is played on the same size court as beach volleyball.  Below are the regulation dimensions for a beach tennis court:

  • Court dimensions for doubles are 52'6" x 26'3" (16m x 9m ). 

  • Singles are played on a 52'6 x 15' (16m x 4.5m ) court.

  • The net height is the same for men, women and kids at  5'6&3/4" (1.7m) height.

  • The rackets must be a maximum length of 21.65" and 11.81" with no strings, flat surface


Our team at Sand Court Experts knows the balance needed of the sand specifications for beach tennis. We provide a blend of fine and coarse sand that will not pack down too easily. We also make sure that the sand is deep enough to add a necessary challenge to the game. However, while you feel the workout in your muscles, our sub-angular granules make sure you’re feet won’t have to suffer.

Sand Court Experts can build your courts to meet these specifications or we can meet your own personal requirements. 

Read our post about Beach Tennis Courts for more information about how this fun and fast paced game is played.

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