Beach Volleyball Courts

As one of the fastest growing sports in the country, the need for custom sand volleyball courts is continuously growing. Beach volleyball is booming in popularity because it helps improve your physical agility and flexibility through regular playing. When customers tell us what they’re looking for in a beach volleyball court, we are able to bring it to fruition. At Sand Court Experts, we offer turnkey services with close attention to detail to build your custom sand court from start to finish.

Every member of our team has over 30 years of experience playing beach volleyball, allowing us to have a deep understanding of the game and requirements to build courts for everyone from the most junior to a professional level. We build courts suited for champions that everyone can easily enjoy.

Court Size and Sand Requirements

Court Size:

Beach volleyball has a smaller court than indoor volleyball, which helps make the game much more exciting for players. At SCE, our close attention to detail ensures that your custom court will meet international and U.S. regulations for professional events.

Beach volleyball court dimension requirements for a national doubles competition is 16m by 8m (52’6” by 26’3”). There must be 6m (19′ 6″) of free space outside the border of the court.

That being said, we are also able to modify any personal specifications our customers may have. We offer custom designs for single training to standard national requirements for beach volleyball courts


Playing on sand offers forgiveness when running, jumping and diving, saving your body from much of the impact you would experience playing indoor volleyball. Sand is also more difficult to move in, making your muscles work harder. For beach volleyball courts, the goal is to mimic the medium-fine sand of Hermosa Beach, California. For our custom-built courts, we provide the ideal sized granules that are also rounded to be easier on players’ feet.

SCE Pole Systems & Construction

We proudly offer our highly ranked and world-tested SCE Pole System. It has been modified for easy setup and efficiency that is unmatched by other structures available.

Beach Volleyball Net Height Specifications:

  • Junior’s 12U and under Net: 2.1209m (6’11 1/2”) 12U and under
  • Women’s and Juniors 14U and up Net: 2.24 m (7′ 4 1/8”)
  • Men’s and Boys 16U and up Net: 2.43 m (7’11 ⅝”)

If you have a smaller budget, we recommend utilizing wooden poles for your custom court. While they need more regular replacing, we can provide brackets that help increase the wood’s efficiency during play.