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Why You Should Play Beach Soccer

Sand soccer is an underrated sport that has a strong emphasis on agility, endurance, skill, and accuracy. So it’s not surprising that this exciting sport is quickly growing in popularity. While there are similarities between the two versions, sand soccer is quite different than regular soccer. Because of the sand and field size, sand soccer leads to a different style of play, one that comes with a higher degree of improvisation. Also with beach soccer, the field is smaller than a regular soccer field and players are allowed to score from anywhere on the sand, creating more scoring chances and goals. All in all, beach soccer is a fast-moving game, one in which plays can be executed in seconds. So much so that the average scoring rate is one goal every three minutes!

During the summer there’s nothing better than a day at the beach, so why not take your skills to the sand for some beach soccer. If you are a soccer player, playing on the sand is a great way to work out your body and improve your game simultaneously. If you have been tossing around the idea of playing soccer on the sand, check out some of the reasons why you should play beach soccer.

  • Since the sand soccer field is smaller than a regular soccer field, playing beach soccer is a great way to get comfortable handling the ball under pressure, in tight spaces. Less room also means you have less time to think, forcing you to deal with different situations, as well as making you think and react quicker.

  • A smaller field also means more shots on goal, allowing you to practice getting a shot off immediately. Sand soccer requires quick strikes on the goal to score, giving you only a split second to react and respond upon receiving the ball.

  • If you want to develop and work on your first touch and ball control, play soccer on the sand. With beach soccer, the balls can come at high speeds from all areas of the field, and there’s often very little room for errors. Due to this, your ability to control the ball at first touch will be tested and strengthened.

  • Running in the sand is more difficult, so playing beach soccer will help you work on your balance and increase your overall physical condition. Luckily, the sand is an excellent shock absorber, so that means less stress on your body; allowing you to take full advantage of the full-body workout you are receiving.

  • Playing beach soccer will force you to work on your aerial game since the most successful plays come from volleyed shots and chipped passes. Passes typically go astray due to the sand, allowing you to harness your aerial skills for grass soccer successfully.

Luckily, beach soccer can be played anywhere there’s sand so why not bring the sand to your backyard or training facility? If you have the vision, us at Sand Court Experts can build you the sand soccer court of your dreams. From start to finish, we will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today if you are interested in having a temporary or permanent sand soccer court installed.


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