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What is Beach Tennis?

Similar to beach volleyball, but played with a racquet and a tennis ball instead, beach tennis has elements from badminton, beach volleyball, and tennis. Just like volleyball, the game has a social component to it, but it has the fast pace of tennis, which makes beach tennis one fun, exciting sport. There’s definitely something to be said about a game that combines athletic fun, with the surf and sand,so it’s no wonder that beach tennis appeals to all types of people. With beach tennis, it doesn’t matter if you’re athletic or not, everyone can get in on the fun because it’s so simple to play, even if you don’t know the sport, or feel like you aren’t good at tennis. With beach tennis, even beginners are able to get a rally going within minutes of stepping on the court.

If asking the question, what is beach tennis, peaks some interest, or if the sound of rallying a ball on the sand back and forth with your friends sounds like a good time, learn more about this exciting sport!

  • Strictly an aerial game, beach tennis is played with volleys, so the ball never bounces. Players never use the ground to bounce the ball to their opponent, as every ball is played on the volley.

  • Despite the fact that beach tennis is an aerial game and is played on the volley, the scoring system is the same as tennis.

  • Unlike tennis, in beach tennis, you only have one-serve, so players have to deal with a no-fault system.

  • The net for beach tennis is higher than a standard net at 1.7m high for men, women, and kids.

  • The court size is the same size as a beach volleyball court, 16m x 8m. Singles are played on a 4.5m x 16m court.

  • The racquet used in beach tennis is constructed out of graphite and fiberglass and has a solid face (no strings!). However, just like regular tennis racquets can vary in length and size.

  • The ball that is used in beach tennis is a low compression, depressurized tennis ball.

  • Unlike other sports, beach tennis is not a hard sport to pick up. However, if you already play badminton or a tennis player, you will already have the needed skill and finesse to play at a higher level.

  • Beach tennis was recognized as a sport in 2009 by the International Tennis Federation and is now considered to be one of the fastest growing games in the world.


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