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The Benefits of Training in the Sand for Indoor Volleyball Players

The benefit of playing beach volleyball is starting to become recognized by many collegiate coaches across the country for indoor volleyball players. Playing beach volleyball is believed to be one of the best training methods, so it’s becoming common for indoor volleyball players to take to the sand during the off season. For indoor volleyball players, playing sand volleyball provides players with additional training, while increasing their physical capabilities. Playing sand volleyball is a different ‘animal’ than indoor volleyball, and because of the nature of the game and the unstable surface (the sand), it becomes a training tool that can help increase volleyball players stability and can aid in their core strength training. All while working on the players’ weak areas.

Ever since sand volleyball has become an official collegiate sport, coaches have been encouraging their players to play beach volleyball to help them dramatically improve their indoor game. Some of your competition may already be elevating their game by playing on the sand, so don’t get left behind. If you are a volleyball player and want to improve your game dramatically, check out some of the benefits of training in the sand for indoor volleyball players.

  • A beach volleyball player does it all, block, set, as well as hit. If you are weak in any of these areas, playing on the sand will force you to work on all of your skills. Helping you become a developed, well-rounded volleyball player.

  • If you want to become a more adaptable player and improve your ball control skills, playing outside on the sand will certainly help. Between the sun, sand, wind, and the elements, it’s hard always to know what to expect.

  • Instead of having multiple players on each side of the court, you have fewer players around you, so you are less likely to have others bail you out of your mistakes. As a result, players learn how to read the game and anticipate the plays better.

  • Looking to increase your speed and agility? Play volleyball in the sand! It’s harder to move around on an unstable surface, forcing you to expend more energy. There’s no better way to increase your jump and quickness than by playing on the sand.

  • Generally, you play doubles in sand volleyball, so when there are only two of you, communication becomes a requirement. Playing with one other person forces you to come up with a strategy and create a game plan together.


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