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What is Beach Soccer?

You may or may not have heard about the exciting sport of sand soccer. Because the sport is still in the growing stage, many people don’t know much about beach soccer, but that’s okay. This exciting sport utilizes two goals and a ball just like its predecessor. However, the game is shorter, players are typically barefoot, and the game is generally played 4 on 4 (not counting the goalie) on the sand. Even though the pace of the game is a bit slower due to the sand and the field is shorter, the endurance and skills needed to play the sport are the same. In fact, some may say that the sand adds another dimension to the game, especially when you add in those exciting acrobatic goals, and lots of them.

The first games of beach soccer were played on the beaches of Brazil, but since 1992 it has existed officially as a global sport. Sand soccer was regulated and organized in 1992, as Beach Soccer Worldwide wrote up the rules of the game. In 1993, the first official championship between Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and the USA was organized, making it the first professional competition. Shortly after, in 1995, the first World Championships took place in Rio de Janeiro, and the success of that tournament lead to the first Pro Beach soccer tour as well as the European Pro Beach Soccer League in 1998. The European Pro Beach Soccer League continued to grow, and by 2005, 20 countries took part in the league. In 2008, the tournament was taken outside of Brazil to Marseille, France by FIFA in order to help increase the sport’s popularity. The next year, in 2009, it was decided that the World Cup would be held every two years and its current form consists of 16 teams, spreading as far out as Portugal and Tahiti.

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